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Fahlbusch figueiredo2001 : Materials and Reconstruction techniques at the aqueduct of Carthage since the Roman periode (in: Historical constructions,, B.

des Leichtweiss Intsituts vol 103 (1989) pag 221ff) - H.

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Once I had invested the money the company disappeared and I can no longer contact them.” ‘Boiler rooms’ have operated for many years targeting investors with such stories by phone and increasingly online.

Döring fahlbusch1989 : Uberlegungen zur Möglichkeit der chemischen Entsinterung von Druckrohren im Verlauf römischer Fernwasserleitungen (in: Mitt.

Bastos Zarandieta de marco2008 : L'antico acquedotto romano del Saturo - Leporano (Taranto, Puglia) (in: Opera Ipogea, storia cultura civilta ambiente vol 1/2 (2008) pag 108 - 116 / Atti di convegno nazionale di speleologia in cavita artificiali - Napoli 2008) - M. dialynas2006 : Historical development of water supply in Iraklio city (in: proceedings of the 1st IWA symposion on Water and Waste Water technologies in Ancient Civilizations 28-30 October, 2006) - E. domergue1989 : Les techniques artisanales d'exploration de gites alluviaux: analogies dans le temps et dans l'espace (in: Chronique de la recherches minieres vol 497 (1989) pag 131 - 138) - C. (Mitteilungen des Institut fur Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft TUDarmstadt vol 101 (1997)) - M.

The Financial Markets Authority provides lists of individuals, professionals, markets and businesses licensed or authorised to operate in New Zealand.

This page gives an overview of the literature that we have been able to collect on over some 600 Roman (and some Greek) aqueducts. siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -grenier1960p118 -burdy1996,2006 -audin1983 -burnand1983 - bailhache1983 -jeancolas1983,1986 -FG1988p190 -desbat1992 -grewe1992b,1998 -hodge1992p428 -dumoulin1999 -burdy2000,2006 -wikander2000p65 -talbert2000 -litaudon2002 -borlenghi2003 -nikolic2008 -coquide2010 -maza2011 -desbat2011 Lyon - LUGDUNUM - La Brévenne (incl.

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