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Now that we know Shenmue 3 will implement a rapport system, which i assume will be somewhat similar to Bioware and Telltale games, will you be nice to Shenhua?

I assume the same question applies to Ren and other unknown characters.

In a way, I think its because ive grown up with the Shenmue cast since my teenage years and therefore will probably take them much more seriously than unknown NPCs from the other games on the market. I'm sure he'll be doing the exact same thing to Ryo. I will probably play along the char, meaning that Ryo will be quite naive around guys and quite short of words around gals.

But I'm thinking for a while for these new systems...

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BTW why the hell are you comparing a rapport system to Telltale and Bioshock when there's already an example in the series in Shenmue II with Fangmei?We're meant to go through Ryo's journey so the choices shouldn't be dependent on the player. I'm not saying the game will end with a choice..IF it were to... You play as 'male' or 'female' who is pretty hopeless and just can't get laid... a mix of Dating Sim and Bejewled with some light RPG-elements ontop.untill one eventful night that will change all of this and turn you into a SEXMACHINE!

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