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To really convey what the game is like, you have to see see it!Here is the intro: I honestly thought I was going slightly deaf whilst watching that.There are many sequels and spin-offs but the main focus is the original.It fits into the "Shoot 'em up" genre, but not quite with conventional planes and spaceships that we are all accustomed to.Some horses stretch in a sexual manner and fire their jockeys, whereas some just hop on their hind legs and make a break for the finish line.

Like the prior game there is no real gameplay, you just place bets and watch the hilarity unfold!

The basis of this game is that the player drinks some out of date milk with his coffee and proceeds to go into a wacky fever dream.

This is another FMV game so the quality and actual gameplay is what you would expect from such a thing: The clicks are off point, frames are crooked, but it does have certain degree of strange charm.

I presumed it was a kind of promiscuous game of Whack-A-Mole or that hammer game you see at all the fairs. While there is spanking involved, one concept is actually based around the Japanese game of Kanchō. Well let me fill you in comrades: This obscurity was developed by New York company Dreaming Media in 2000, the way to access it is through an internet browser and going through the process is reminiscent of those dodgy websites from the early days of the internet!

The game is advertised as a demo so anybody can go and check it out.

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